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    Hi all, Please check the link for an educational video on how to deal with difficult tenants!! Probably be added to the Quickstart curriculum with Don Campbell`s permission. Hope you enjoy...have to look at the bright side of this business once in...
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    1st impressions of ACRE system

    Hi Robin, I`ve been a rein member for over a year now. The acre system in my opinion isn`t black and white. My recommendation if you`re interested in real estate investing is to join REIN. The small investment per month (not expense...investment) will pay for itself in one deal you make...
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    Anyone know a good web developer?

    Hi Brett, Try You can post your job for free. You can find great companies around the world to do your job. Sometimes great quality and a lot cheaper. A lot of North American firms will take on jobs and outsource to India and Pakistan etc. They charge you for example...
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    Web Hosting Company Good luck, Todd Spetter
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    Residential flat roof repair (Toronto)

    Hi there, I just had my residential roof done (not flat) the week of March 24th. The company was great...professional, fast, cleaned up well, affordable (not cheapest but not most expensive), and most importantly the roof looks great. Give him a call and get a quote. Burt Durry Cell...
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    Asphalt Paving Needed

    I`m looking to do an asphalt paving job in Toronto. Any good references would be much appreciated. -Todd
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    shopping for financing

    Hi Mark, There`s no need to necessarily use a mortgage broker located in the same city. That said....I would strongly recommend a mortgage broker who is located in Ottawa. His name is Evan Weiner and he is very good with respect to knowledge and customer service. He will bend over backwards...