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    Offloading condo ideas

    Interesting points, thank you all. Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
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    Offloading condo ideas

    Since the unit is limited to owners 55+ we can technically have a potential renter get on title as a 1% owner, technically then they are an owner and thereby able to be in the suite. Easy enough paper work but obvious pitfalls upon trying to get them to then vacate if we get a buyer. Tnx for...
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    Offloading condo ideas

    I’m asking for creative ideas to help offset losses of a condo flip that is going nowhere. Reno’d a flip condo in Abbotsford BC and listed mid August. As we all know the market has now stalled. Condo was purchased with LOC funds, as the months of not selling continues so does the debt grow...
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    More info on the ACRE System

    Thanks for your insight on this topic! I was wondering if you can elaborate on the how one might attend an ACRE live as guest? There is one coming to Vancouver soon and I was hoping to attend but could not quite afford to to do so. Regards Paul