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    Thanks Michel...Appreciate the insight. Cheers!

    Thanks Michel...Appreciate the insight. Cheers!
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    Looking for Phoenix Property Team

    I'm looking for Property Manager, Mortgage Broker and Insurance Agent. If you anyone to refer, please do. Thank you.
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    Nanaimo Property Manager Needed.

    Hello Rein, I own a Tri-plex in Nanaimo and would like to put a manager in place. If anone has any insight or recommendations please drop me a line. Thank you. Bryan 604-329-7886
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    Fort saskatchewan vacancy rate

    QUOTE (smack123 @ Oct 8 2008, 01:22 PM) BRYAN17, Wayne Land @ Oakwood Property Management, 780-998-7368. I have been using them for 14 months now and they have been great, all depositis on time, monthly statement in the mail, found good tenants twice. Nothing bad to say about them. Thank you...
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    Fort saskatchewan vacancy rate

    QUOTE (smack123 @ Sep 30 2008, 10:06 PM) I own a 3 bdr. bungalow in Fort Saskatchewan that I have been renting for the past 14 months through a FS property management company. It rented last August in less than 2 weeks, and again this Sepotember in less than a week. In spite of the slow-down in...
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    Sprinkler Installers in Nanaimo?

    I have just got re-zoning approval on a triplex and need to bring the building up to today`s fire code. I`m looking for the name and contact info for Sprinkler installers (fire & landscape) and a electrician. If you know of anyone, please pass it along or even if you have contacts over there...
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    Best place to Advertise for rent in Prince George?

    I have an upcoming vacancy in a good location of Prince George and have always advertised through "Free Press" & Classifieds on line. I have never had an issue getting responses but this time I`ve had very few calls even though I feel I`m priced right and there is not much available in the...