Best place to Advertise for rent in Prince George?


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I have an upcoming vacancy in a good location of Prince George and have always advertised through "Free Press" & Classifieds on line. I have never had an issue getting responses but this time I`ve had very few calls even though I feel I`m priced right and there is not much available in the 3bdrm Duplex category. I have seen a few on line rental ad sites but really wanted some feedback to see if there is one that stands out. ***If anyone has used a on-line rental sites and found them usuful please get back to me with any pro`s and cons. Thank you. Bryan.

If you know of anyone looking to rent in the area, please let me know as well. Cheers!


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As we have discussed a lot in REIN, it is CRITICAL that you advertise where your target market is hanging-out or reading. The only way to know that is to put yourself in their shoes.

Get on Google and start searching for all of the different ways in which to search for `Suite for Rent Prince George.` There are dozens of ways to search for terms that potential tenants would use to find your suite. As you do this, pay attention to the sites that consistently are near the top THOSE are the sites that will provide the most traffic for your ad.... because that is what your prospects will be seeing.

Feel free to click on the ads as well to see where those sites are located, as your prospect will be seeing those as well.

That will tell you WHERE to advertise, then you can write an amazing ad, with fantastic pictures by using the Classified Ad Writing secrets report that REIN Members have access to.

Good luck, and keep us informed on your results.