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    Any good BC real estate lawyer or notary

    Please share contact info for any good BC lawyer/ notary who is well versed with Assignments/wholesaling contracts. Thanks in advance! Havan
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    Calgary Property Management - who is suck and who is not?

    But hard to find such a handy man house supervisor though!
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    Future of Alberta

    I am asking fellow investors who have real estate properties in Alberta about what will be the future state of Alberta as the pipeline project also got shelved recently. Please share your comments and wise thoughts.
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    Nolan Hill Neighbourhood in Calgary

    Hello, Anyone has any comments on investment potential in nolan hills area in the City of Calgary. I am looking for appreciation and rental potentials/ tenant profile in the area. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Havan
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    Calgary Property Management

    Please let me know any good property management services in Calgary city. Thanks in advance. Havan
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    Arm's Length RRSP Mortgage

    which one is good between Olympia trust vs CWT (Canadian western trust) when using RSP funds?
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    REIN BC Transportation Report

    Please share REIN report on BC metro Vancouver transportation latest report
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    RRSP Home Buyers Plan - personal use

    Canadian western trust does both arms length and non-arms length (where you can lend your own RSP funds for your purchase) whereas olympia trust does only arms length mortgages (where you can lend your RSP funds to others)
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    Using notary for condo buying

    I am buying a condo in Abbotsford, BC. Being a condo, is it okay to hire a notary for all legal work or is it better to hire an attorney. please let me know any good real estate lawyers in Fraser Valley area.
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    Excellent mortgage broker in Lower Mainland

    Please let me know any excellent excellent investment focused mortgage broker contact info in Fraser Valley area in BC
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    Buying in USA

    I have an investment property in USA and I am wondering If ever I am successful in getting another mortgage from US banks for another house, does that will also add to my debt coverage ratios here when I buy in Canada?
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    Educational REIN Posts by Thomas Beyer

    none of these links are not working
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    Monthly Sell-Through rates/ absorption rates

    What does monthly sell-through rates gives information about?
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    Townhome rentals allowed

    Does 'rentals allowed' policy in townhomes will be subject to change every year? If one purchase a townhome property under personal residence when rentals allowed but later If it has to be rent out, then same rentals allowed feature will apply to the owner? How to tackle those situation for owners?
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    Is it worth to buy now in this market

    I am wondering is it worth to buy now in Fraser valley area as a buy and hold strategy for personal residence and convert to rental later in this present seller market ? Any thoughts appreciated!