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I am asking fellow investors who have real estate properties in Alberta about what will be the future state of Alberta as the pipeline project also got shelved recently. Please share your comments and wise thoughts.

Thomas Beyer

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Flat for a while. Be cautious but not overly negative. A hardy province and oil & gas is needed works wide for decades to come, with rising prices. Even had lithium for electric batteries, sunny and loads of ag opportunities and engineering jobs in cheap office space.

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Michel Lafleur

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I think oil prices will stay down for a while, but the oil industry its not going away anytime soon.
The natural gas industry is strong and on a positive price trajectory.
The pipeline project was halted by Biden's administration, but there is already a rebuttal from multiple states plus AB. And a presidentail term is only 4 years; this project will move ahead at some point. North America needs energy independence, and the US needs this oil, even if its just to help them mine/develop/build their Utopian green energy visions.

Specific to the real estate: Tons of cheap office space available in AB with currently high vacancy, but - opportunity for future re purposing?
On the residential side, low inventory/steady prices for detached homes and an over supply of condos. Good multifamily or industrial deals are hard to find.
If you are considering (residential or multifamily) development, Edmonton has arguably the cheapest land in the country (for major cities anyway), and the city is favourable to developers offering higher densities and more flexibility with infill projects.

I see BIG potential for the future of investing in Alberta, but Im probably easier convinced than many lenders.


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I doubt Keystone will ever be built.

Bad time to be starting a multi-family project in Edmonton imo - rental or condo. Supply > Demand. Rental vacancy is at 7.2% and multi-family starts increased substantially in 2020 despite lower immigration and the pandemic. Other negatives are rates are slowly increasing, financing more difficult (no cmhc flex) and high inflation in construction costs. More negatives than positives. I'd expect multi-family starts will fall dramatically in 2021 and immigration levels should be back to target in 2022 so eventually it may tighten but that will be years away.

Calgary looks slightly better
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From a residential rental perspective, I believe we are going to see downward pressure on rental rates especially for multi family apartments, condo apartments units and single family detached homes. I think townhomes and duplexes will remain flat and holding albeit there is less demand for single family detached rentals currently.