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    Charlottetown PEI

    I clicked on the link but didn't see any info re/sold data. Can you advise? Thanks.
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    Student rental properties for sale

    For Sale: Two student-rental properties in A Plus locations in St. Catharines, ON. Both properties are single- detached bungalows, each with 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Rent is $2790 per month, per property, and both houses are under lease for the next 12 months, until April 30, 2018...
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    Two student-rental properties FOR SALE - St. Catharines, ON $2790/mo until April 2018

    Two student-rental properties FOR SALE - St. Catharines, ON $2790/mo until April 2018
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    Student Rental Property For Sale - leased until April 2018

    Detached bungalow, 6 bedroom, student rental INCOME property in St. Catharines, ON. A+ location for Brock University students. Property comes with 6 bedrooms under lease for the next 12 months, until April 30, 2018. $465 per student = $2,790 per month. Professional property management...
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    Stoney Creek -Hamilton Ontario

    Check out (rentals in Stoney Creek) for current listings to add to your research.
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    What Apps do you use for your Real Estate Investing

    I use: 1. Scanner Pro by Readle - not sure if the basic free version is still available, however for my minimal needs for scanning from my iphone or iPad, this app does a great job. 2. Flipp - useful for when I am doing a renovation to search deals on anything from appliances to light...
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    More info on the ACRE System

    Thanks Matt. I appreciate how you share your knowledge and resources with REIN members. You are very thorough and your content is valuable. It reminds me to make measured decisions based on all important facts, details, unknowns, variables and then look at that final decision and analyze it...
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    Ease of Use - website

    Hi there First off I must admit that I haven't taken enough time it takes to learn how to navigate around this website. I find myself going in a few circles looking for certain information. So I guess it isn't yet intuitive to me. There is a lot of information with a lot of different...
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    Lakefront (Lake Ontario) Single Detached House - Assignment $629,900

    Assignment available: Lakefront single detached, updated home on huge lot. Sixty-three (63') frontage on Lake Ontario x 336' deep! The only SINGLE-DETACHED, updated-home on Lake Ontario (from Oakville to Niagara on the Lake) priced just over $500,000! Signed and accepted Lease in place at...
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    Need referral of insurance company at ontario

    If you can manage an on-line membership ($99/month or so) you will get great insurance coverage and a significant insurance discount AND the many benefits of REIN membership. A worthwhile investment.
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    Need referral of insurance company at ontario

    I am very happy with Park Insurance in Vancouver, B.C. I am an Ontario investor. Ask for Cathy Su. Hilary
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    Hamilton Renovator and Handyman

    Hi I am looking for both an experienced renovator and a handyman in the Hamilton/Grimsby area. As well I am looking for a licensed electrician. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for any good quality leads that might come from this post!!! Hilary Kohal
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    Insurance company in ontario

    I am a REIN member, living and investing in Ontario. I have tried other "investor friendly" insurance companies, but switched over to Park Insurance last year. They have been awesome to deal with. They are professional, prompt and competitive, cost wise. I highly recommend them. Added perk...
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    Problem with new Tenant

    I had a realtor find me a tenant for a townhouse I own and lease in the same community where I live. Before the tenant moved in a couple of neighbours mentioned to me that they witnessed that the prospective tenant seemed to be blind or physically challenged. I called my realtor and asked him...
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    Thanks for such a great Ontario REIN Meeting!!

    I couldn't agree with you more or say it any better! It was a powerful, energizing workshop! Thank you to all the speakers and everyone at REIN for making it a fantastic evening! Hilary