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Recent content by Ivan Sabourin

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    Private Finance - BC

    Hi Rein Community, I am looking for Private Financing recommendations for a Chilliwack residential project. I have one sheet ready via request. Looking for about 1.6 million
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    Hi Thomas, I have ventured into the manufactured builds ( 1 - 6 story multifam sell all, and a few homes) The efficiency is very high on site and the timelines can be controlled very effectively but I have noticed 2 major drawbacks. 1) the pre-fab is done in a climate controlled building which...
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    Building cheap just destroys any potential profit you think you've made with unnecessary early repairs. I would think GV would still need to provide at least small returns. Some of these properties don't seem to make any return until 30yrs. That seems like a ridiculously long HOLD to lock up...
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    So, I don't know if anyone on here is building multifamily in the lower mainland, fraser valley... Every time I do a price analysis on a property to build a M/F - the numbers don't work. This is no surprise, nothing new. But a month later, a M/F build starts on that site that I calculated bad...
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    First commercial Property

    Hi Jim, Just want to put my input in... well cause I can and nobody cares :) You seem a little confused in what you are buying... If you are doing this "investment" thing... then that should be your business. Don't buy commercial properties to assume somebodies retail business. A little...
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    1st Commercial Property

    Just putting in my 2c Calculating the value of commercial property is very different then residential. The value is based on cap rate and leases in place. You have to understand this well. I find commercial quite fun and I feel it has more potential and less risk - that is entirely my...
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    Real Estate Summit : Nov5 - Satellite Offices (per the chat)

    ... Hey Tina, No chair because as I have experienced in my working life time... everyone has amazingly different expectations for their office chair - as they should cause they spend a lot of time in it. I for instance don't care much cause I am usually moving around so I use what is...
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    Real Estate Summit : Nov5 - Satellite Offices (per the chat)

    ... so during the "summit" and idea was raised that kinda took off in the chat. Judging from the lack of views here, I don't think the interested parties found this post... anywho, The idea was quite simple but I think very relevant. There is a large shift to work from home and we know that...
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    Real Estate Summit : Nov5 - Satellite Offices (per the chat)

    Just an opener here... ... as per the chat about satellite offices. Hopefully you guys find this place and we can continue the ideas. For now, I will leave this short and sweet and add to it as we find it.
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    I am focused on Fraser Valley (Abbotsford, Chilliwack) for "build to suite" projects. I am...

    I am focused on Fraser Valley (Abbotsford, Chilliwack) for "build to suite" projects. I am looking for Private Lenders in the range of 1.5m residential --> 25mil commercial
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    Crossed the 100 Property Purchase Line since I started Investing 6 years ago

    Hi @Mandy Branham I am where you where in 2014 after procrastinating this business for 14yrs. I have made so many of my peers rich and have puttered and stalled so many time to get started - getting plowed over by lifes brutal humour. I think I know so very clearly how you felt in your first...
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    Looking For Partner on Property in Kelowna

    Hey @MitchK ... Sure would like to hear about any updates on your situation. I know the boat you ride in cause I had a boat just like that ... I know Kelowna and the Ok valley well as I have been part of many, many projects there. I was never able to get my own deal going though as the risk...
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    BC - Lower Mainland - 5yr HOLD and sell - Money JV

    November 01 / 2021 Hi there... I am a contractor in Abbotsford whom has done countless projects with others in Kelowna, Vancouver, Langley, Victoria, Nanaimo, Toffino, and more. I have been fortunate to be involved with builds ranging from $150k - 12.5m (+land)... so I believe I have a fluid...
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