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Matt Crowley
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  • Hello again Thomas,

    Good morning. Matt

    There is a house near west GTA which has approximately 1.38 acres and has the potential to build 28 town homes. The property has one house which is paying $800.00 rent per month. The value is in the land only. The property can be financed with 25% down. I am interested in a JV with a builder who can build the town houses. Any leads and or guidance.

    Hello Matt, I want to shift from residential to commercial investing in GTA or surrounding area. I have two rental property in GTA. My strategy is to build a QSR franchise by buying a shop, build it, operate and sell the business only after 12-16 months. How and where should I start? I have 150 K to start and probably will need a JV partner. Thanks for your data driven insights. Jay
    I am Yang Ti am willing to venture into profitable business with you also willing to deal with you in trust and confidence.
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