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    Financing questions (Ottawa)

    QUOTE (boaz @ Dec 14 2010, 09:05 PM) Hi All, This is my first posting :-) My name is M.J. and I live in Ottawa. I have one rental house beside my residence. Recently I joined this forum, and seriously considering becoming a REIN member. I am shopping around hybrid mortgage/LOC product...
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    Rentals in Calgary

    I`m sure some details would be helpful: Need to live with bussing distance from Chinook center mall. Would prefer close to downtown. Need minimum of 2 bedroom with dishwasher washer and dryer. Would like parking stall for truck and camper. Looking in range up to 1000$. I am starting a new...
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    Rentals in Calgary

    Good afternoon all, A friend of mine who`s son just moved to Calgary for work and is actively seeking to rent; apartment/house/townhouse etc. If anyone has or knows of any vacancies, please send me a message or comment on this forum. Thanks in advance!
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    Variable rate mortgage calculator

    Hey Trev, We`ve created an excel program that comes very close to what you are talking about and allows you to change the variables that your JV partner may be looking for. Give me a call and I can share it with you. Peter QUOTE (trev @ Jul 27 2010, 05:43 PM) I`m looking for a mtg calculator...
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    80% with no backend insurance possible?

    Hey Michael, Dominion Lending Mortgages uses Genworth on the backend, but whether they would lend on it or not would come down to what the `Special Assessment` is. You can avoid the insured-lenders but the chartered banks who do not rely on back-end insurance will likely have the same issue. My...
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    Looking for mortgage brokers in Quebec (Montreal area)

    Let me know your exerience with him as I`m looking for a PK Approved broker in Quebec. The mortgage rules are very different there. Peter QUOTE (cycle33 @ Jul 22 2010, 09:31 PM) hi, here is the one i`ve used for my first deal, great guy Plan hypothèque (Gosselin, Michel) (450) 435-4044...
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    Do you Tweet?

    I`m there @peterkinch.comQUOTE (ChrisMewhort @ Mar 22 2009, 03:37 PM) Hey guys, I know a couple of you are Twitterbug`s, but wondered how many others are here and tweet on a daily basis. Do you use it to discuss Real Estate Investing? If so, feel free to mention #REIN I don`t expect a huge...
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    What Does 0.25% Mean To You And I

    You`re absolutley right Wade. in fact,i`ll go even further and say that this rate hike is great news for real estate investors. Think about it, in the Spring we had a perfect storm for a spike in prices - fear of rising rates, fear of HST and a Spring market. Now we have the perfect storm for...
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    Mortgage Insurance Rules

    Hey Mark, I agree exactly with what Kevin replied on here - but the real question to ask yourself is `How will 90% financing effect my cash flow?` If you plan on continuing to buy more properties, then you will need to qualify at the banks based on a)strong positive cash flow and b) showing some...
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    Hey Kir, For the banks it`s all about liquidity. A lack of it back in 2008 casued the cost of HELOCs to go up. Liquidity has returned to the markets - but the banks are still acting gun-shy about passing on the lower cost of borrowing to consumers. I think banks will stay skittish for another 6...
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    Mortgage question

    You forgot the most important question: Why? What purpose do you need your real estate to produce for you? How many properties do you plan to purchase and over what time frame? the problem with quick answers out of context is that they do not take into consideration other factors. I`d strongly...
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    Locating prospects, tracking owners with Ugly houses

    For pulling Titles in BC - Cost is $17.50 per pull, but you don`t need anything other than the street address which makes it easier than trying to locate the PID before you search. Hope that helps! Lianne Briggs Peter Kinch Mortgage Team
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    Commercial Property Purchase

    For the first property you’re talking about, you will need to have 25% of the Purchase Price for your down payment (or more, be prepared) the lender will finance 75% of the Purchase Price or the Appraised Value, whichever is lower. If you can attract a Joint Venture partner to this deal...
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    Mortgage Rule Changes Affect Investors

    QUOTE I`m confused So lets say I have a property with info like below: Rent less utilities 70992 divided in half 35496 less Property tax 8,400 less principal and interest 22944 total 4152 Are those the calculations appropriate? What is the total number compared to (P+I ? ) or ? And whats a...
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    How can I require more funds?

    QUOTE (mortgageman @ Mar 3 2010, 09:09 AM) TD is not a rental-friendly bank. There are other banks that are much more receptive to investors. I would have to disagree. TD is one our biggest lenders in the conventional rentals sandbox. We use them quite often. Their only glitch is min. down...