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    Bookkeeper recommendations?

    Hi There. My past bookkeeper retired. So I'm looking for someone to put in 2-3 hours a month to help enter in all the activity form the property management statements into QuickBooks and reconcile bank accounts. Very small... just 8 properties. Any recommendations out there? Thanks! Shawn
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    Financing US properties

    Here is a bit of my experience with this and advice I gave another REIN member in Canada to get them financing for US properties: Given you are a Canadian living in Canada it's easiest to use a gateway program through one of the big banks. I know BMO, TD, ING and RBC all have US affiliate...
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    Insurance for US Real Estate Purchase

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look them up. Cheers!
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    Insurance for US Real Estate Purchase

    I'm looking to purchase some US rental properties. However, I'm unsure what my options are for insurance. Some insurers only insure to US residents. Any suggestions for Canadians? Thanks!