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Tina Myrvang
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  • Good Morning TINA! When you have a moment , I would like to discuss the 5W's of GDP! Sound interesting? lol
    Hi Tina. Shona here. We just had a chat about a tenant putting up a pool. I just spoke with my insurance broker. It's $68 extra annually for $2 million for the extra coverage on the pool.
    Do I need to post signs like a public swimming pool? What and where do I find this info? I searched the landlord tenant board site and I have not found anything concrete to make sure I've done my due diligence?
    Tina Myrvang
    Tina Myrvang
    Hello Shona,

    Check with your city by-law office to find out all that is required. Make sure you tell them also that it must be taken down for winter. We don't need that freezing up and causing damage.
    Hi Tina, hope all is well and glad that you're interested in exchanging referrals. What area do you specialize in, so I can keep you in mind if my clients want to invest in your area? I work the York Region and Toronto area.
    Hi Tina,

    I recently opened a small business (non real estate related) and I was wondering where I could post it on my rein space or even if I am allowed to?
    Tina Myrvang
    Tina Myrvang
    Hi Debbie,
    Please email me the information. What type of business is it?

    Have you looked in the Resource Directory? Is there a category that it would fit in?
    Hi Tina, I am looking for good Property Manager for my properties in Hamilton. Pls let me know if you have someone that you recommend. Thank you. Sami Wahba
    hey tina

    what email can i send an access issue to? i cant seem to reply to some threads/people
    Good morning Tina. Did you have any success with locating a property mgmt company in the Barrie /Orillia
    ares that may take on a horse hobby farm? Craig
    Tina Myrvang
    Tina Myrvang
    Hello Craig, I put in a call to a realtor that I trust and she owns a Property Management Company in Barrie. She has not called me back, but I do have her information that I will email you now.
    Thanks Tina for the Williams Lake property management contact. I have found a PM and property is already rented out for NOV 1.
    I was looking into some JV opportunities and got this message:(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.) Whats the ay to get the privileges ? Please let me know, Thank you.
    I am having same issue. Trying to resolve it right now.
    Hi Tina..is there a place where I can find realtors that are REIN members in the Edmonton/ Calgary area
    Hi Tina, I noticed in a post that you had a list of approved property managers in Edmonton. Is there such a list for Ottawa?
    Many thanks, Harvey
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