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  1. J

    Invest in Kimberley BC +53%ROE - 42 Unit Development

    Hello! Jaret Thompson from Archer Properties here. We are currently 30% of our way through an equity raise seeking 2.5 Million for a 42 Unit Town Home Development here in beautiful Kimberley BC. (The place Ozzie Jurock loves and promotes) This is one of the last affordable resort ski towns that...
  2. M

    BC Becomes First Province to Ban Dual Agency

    Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine recently published an article reporting that British Columbia is introducing new rules from spring next year designed to strengthen consumer protection. The Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate announced this week that new measures would include...
  3. sgb

    BC sunshine coast: Why is all development confined to the coast?

    Every other place I've lived, as you wandered off the beaten track, you could find larger chunks of land with fewer services for less money. This doesn't seem to hold for the SC. Gibson's is 3 km across. Sechelt 2 km. But *everything* else is within 1 km of the sea. There are roads running...