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  1. XavierCP

    Looking to invest in Montreal but the average incomes is not so interesting.

    Hi REIN forum members, I started to analyze the average incomes of different cities to find areas that have real estate investment potential. I am looking for a city or town that outperform the provincial and national market in terms of increase in average incomes. From Statistique Québec...
  2. M

    RBC Report on Housing Affordability in Canada

    With the diverse economics across Canada, this report is a great illustration that "Canada's housing market" doesn't exist. Every region's fundamentals must be considered and analyzed separately. For the full report click HERE.
  3. M

    RBC Monthly Housing Market Update December 2017

    The commentary this month is largely affected by the upcoming mortgage rule changes. Buyers and sellers alike were active - resales rose by 3.9% in Canada between October and November. This was the strongest monthly advance since February. New listings rose by 3.5% in Canada between October and...
  4. M

    RBC Economics: Toronto housing market 2.0

    RBC Economics research reports the Toronto housing market as "cooler, saner and back in balance". To read the full report click here.
  5. M

    Canadian Housing Health Check November 2017

    Canadian Housing Health Check provides RBC Economics’ assessment of key indicators of Canada’s housing market that are deemed to offer early warning of potential imbalances. This monitoring exercise is one of the tools used regularly by RBC Economics to follow developments in this important...
  6. M

    CMHC Nov 2017 Alberta Housing Market Stabilizing

    Housing markets across Alberta are stabilizing as the recession in Alberta dissipates. CMHC's November insights report shows that housing markets across Alberta’s mid-sized centers are beginning to stabilize after two years of economic recession. However, housing market profiles have differed...
  7. M

    Vancouver price benchmark accelerates in September

    See what is trending in the Vancouver and Toronto housing market from RBC Senior Economist Robert Hogue.
  8. M

    Start of fall season attracts more sellers than buyers in TO

    See what is trending for the Toronto housing market from RBC`s Senior Economist Robert Hogue