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Housing markets across Alberta are stabilizing as the recession in Alberta dissipates.
CMHC's November insights report shows that housing markets across Alberta’s mid-sized centers are beginning to stabilize after two years of economic recession. However, housing market profiles have differed from center to center.

This report highlights the economic conditions of five Alberta cities:
Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer and Wood Buffalo.

Click the link below for the full report:

Matt Crowley

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I'm actually seeing a bit different than this. The housing market is improving from the standpoint that rents and vacancy are not worse but investments / developments with strained balance sheets are beginning to pop up. I've looked at several broken projects in the past couple of months. Reid Built Homes up for sale / bankruptcy concerns:

I think some buying opportunities are forming for buyers with some skill. Those placing macro bets (buy SFH and just plop a renter in)... there isn't great pricing power in the market so far as I've seen.