1. ClareMullen

    Edmonton Cash flowing 3 suited house

    Hello, We have a house in the Athlone neighbourhood which we have owned since 2007. It has always been a great money maker for us but now it is time to sell as we are building our new home. This property has three suites in it and all suites are rented and professionally managed by Realty...
  2. Michel Lafleur

    Edmonton's plan for the next 10 years of growth

    The city of Edmonton just unveiled their next (draft) 10 year plan to accommodate the growth of 1,000,000 more residents. With affordability being a key concern across Canada, this is sure to set Edmonton apart, and create many opportunities for developers, rental housing providers, and...
  3. S

    Multifamily in Edmonton

    Hi Everyone, I'm curious to see what some of the Western investors think about this one...This would be my first purchase outside of Ontario, so I'm all ears to any advice. Much appreciated. 20 unit building in Edmonton's Queen Mary neighbourhood. Suites are in decent shape. Good suite mix: 9...
  4. W

    Edmonton Agreement For Sale Assignment. 7 years! $5000

    Agreement for Sale Assignment Rutherford (Edmonton, AB) Note: With every assignment it includes FREE COACHING! You can email us as often as you like with any questions. AFS Details: Term – 7 years (July 27th 2025) Deposit – Zero Assignment Fee - $5000 Purchase Price - $260,000 approx...
  5. Nicola

    Sifton Park Acres Edmonton - tracking down condo manager??

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone owns a property in Sifton Park Acres, and can tell me who the condo manager is? I've just found out that my condo fees are not being deducted from my account, and when I contacted the condo managers (Aim Real Estate), they told me they were no longer managing it -...
  6. stepchuk

    Edmonton basement suite issues

    I've recently had some issues with an unauthorized basement suite in Edmonton. Long story short, we had a bad apple tenant, she filed a complaint with the City, and we are now faced with the decision to either decomission the suite, or to obtain the proper permits and legalize it. Can anyone...