joint venture

  1. K

    AirBnB Opportunity in downtown Victoria - Annual ROI for Partnership 33% - 42%

    Hi everyone, My fiance and I are purchasing a 7 unit building in downtown Victoria and are seeking an investor (or multiple investors) to be our cash partners. Attached is the executive summary. I can email you the cashflow analysis spreadsheets for a more in depth review of the projections...
  2. PBelanger

    JV opportunity - Brand New Edmonton 6-plex - perfect niche between residential & commercial

    Hi REIN Members, We have an opening for an investor to join us and profit from this building! No mortgage qualification. Min. investment $30,000 BRAND NEW SUITED-TRIPLEX (total 6 units) in SW EDMONTON. Offering cash-flow and equity position. No mortgage qualification required! Before...
  3. C

    Looking for a JV (money) partner for Ontarion deals

    Hello Fellow REIN members. Very excited to join the community. I am looking for money partner to joint venture on Ontario deals. I have access to great multi-family opportunities but lacking the money to invest in them. So if you are seeking a working partner please reach out at 819-431-3401...
  4. Mandy Branham

    Buying only CHERRY Assets with Solid Cash Flow!

    NOW is the time to look forward and see the current opportunity for substantial gains in the future with Real Estate. NOW is the time to buy SOLID - CASH FLOWING ASSETS - and HOLD for the Long-term. NOW is the time to strap yourself to an expert JV Specialist! NOW is the time to be buying...
  5. CraigSmith

    Is JV money Taxable?

    I am considering a JV partner on an existing property. They would give me 20% of the Appraised value for 50% of the cashflow, mortgage paydown and any appreciation. My question is, If I take their 20% downpayment and I already have my own 20% into the property, is the money I collect from them...
  6. angelapeng

    JV buy out

    Greetings to REIN members, I have a question regarding the proposal of JV buy out terms. When one partner offers to buy out the shares of another partner in a rental property, what costs are involved? I list the following estimated costs, please add on if I miss others. -Appraisal cost -Legal...
  7. S

    Selling a new built-in house in London, On.

    Hi I am in a situation, I am looking for a buyer. I want to sell that asap. My time limit is until March 6th. Can anyone share what are the possible ways?
  8. D

    how good is this property??

    I have an offer on a 1042 sq ft bungalow is Fort Saskatchewan at $315,000. 1st mortgage of $252,000 with JV putting in $75,000 for DP and some of the reno cost . My invest is $37,900, will develop a two bedroom basement suite. Older house but sound. Estimate rental for main at $1195 and Suite @...
  9. ThomasLorini

    How to sell 50% of my rental property?

    I would like to ask the community how to go about selling half of one of my rental properties? Or to phrase it differently JV someone into an existing rental? Do we simply get an appraisal done and determine my current equity and have the person pay me half? And then draft a contract between...