1. R

    Looking For Good Real Estate Investment Lawyers

    Hey everyone, I am a new investor looking to build a team. If anyone knows of any good real estate investment lawyers, I would appreciate if you could share their contact!
  2. XavierCP

    Looking for real estate professionals in Montreal

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for Real Estate Professionals who understand real estate investments and ideally know the ACRE system. I would be grateful if you could share with me professional references in the greater Montreal for: Real estate agent, Mortgage brokers or banker Property manager...
  3. T

    seeking advice in small claims case

    Hello, I hope this is an appropriate place for me to post this. If anyone knows a reasonably priced civil lawyer in Calgary that would be great(I only know real estate lawyers) A Calgary home buyer is suing the seller, his own lawyer and realtor, and the seller's lawyer and realtor, over a...