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I hope this is an appropriate place for me to post this. If anyone knows a reasonably priced civil lawyer in Calgary that would be great(I only know real estate lawyers)

A Calgary home buyer is suing the seller, his own lawyer and realtor, and the seller's lawyer and realtor, over a deal that went awry in 2014. And I am being named as a third party. They claim I expanded the garage in 2002 without getting a permit. It's possible, as I was starting out my career, had no experience, and needed the money. I have no recollection or records that far back.

apparently the seller signed a doc saying everything complied but it doesn't. Things went south, and now the buyer wants 41k(they've determined it's only 21k to satisfy the city).

I have no experience wigh the legal system. I'm looking for a lawyer, and also any insights those of you with experience might have.

Someone mentioned that statute of limitations on my regard is 2 years,but I can't confirm that.

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You can self represent if you want. Since it is under 50,000 it is small claims court and you can go there and get some free help.

A) statue of limitation
B) everything was done properly to your knowledge.
C) you can't recall if a permit was applied for or not

Just submit a one page defense with the help of the small claims court folks and give it to them to file within 30 days of being sued.

Just stick with the facts and let a judge decide in 2 - 3 years. A very long and very inefficient system, designed by lawyers to benefit lawyers. 2002 is a long time ago and you can always state " I can't remember ". The party that wants money will have a hard and expensive time but may get some $s from the seller if he warranted something that was not true.
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Thanks for your opinions, both of you.

I wasn't aware that the court people would help walk you through it.

Thanks for the law society link. I will check them out regardless of which way I go.