1. D

    Recommendation for mortgage broker in Kingston, ON?

    Hi, Could anyone recommend a good mortgage broker in the Kingston area, please? Someone who does plenty of investment properties, but can also advise about lending for principal residence, which we don't have in Canada yet? Need to discuss best order to go in (can I buy an investment property...
  2. D

    New to Canada - investment property before principal residence?

    Hi, I would be grateful for some advice, please. I have recently moved to Canada from the United Kingdom. I have four properties in the Europe which I rent out and am looking to invest in property in Canada. For various reasons, I am not in a rush to buy a principal residence in Canada. Very...
  3. C

    Mortgage Freedom ** Own Your Home ** Get out of Debt

    Get started on a new year's resolution early. Join me for an informative session on how to pay down your mortgage sooner and set yourself on the path to being mortgage free! Register for this free event, so we can send you a reminder...
  4. Nicola

    Insurance claim/total loss/bank requiring LOTS of personal financial information

    Wondering if anyone with experience getting an insurance payout when a bank is named on the policy can help? We have a property with a detached garage that burned down. As the insurance payout is not enough to cover replacement (should have insured for replacement cost!), we are just going to...
  5. F

    RBC mortgage advisory

    There have been a few changes to RBC mortgages. We are in the process of moving our mortgage to another lender. 1. If you are refinancing with them they seem to have an internal cap of 60% LTV on properties over 1M. They tie up your main asset, and then do not allow you to access the increased...
  6. Mark Smith

    How has "lenders declining mortgage applications" caused a housing crisis?

    How has "lenders declining mortgage applications" caused a housing crisis?
  7. Tina Myrvang

    How will the new Stress Tests effect you? Hear from Peter Kinch

    Listen in as Peter Kinch talks about the new Mortgage Stress Test rules and how it will effect future home buyer and investors. See his interview HERE Peter is a regularly featured guest on various radio and television programs throughout the country including CTV. Peter is the author of The...
  8. M

    RBC Monthly Housing Market Update December 2017

    The commentary this month is largely affected by the upcoming mortgage rule changes. Buyers and sellers alike were active - resales rose by 3.9% in Canada between October and November. This was the strongest monthly advance since February. New listings rose by 3.5% in Canada between October and...
  9. Thomas Beyer

    5 ways to make money - and why real estate is so well suited here

    There are really only five ways to generate your own cash for a real estate transaction .. and you can do all five in time .. but you have to take them all seriously ! Real estate also covers 4 of the 5 ways to make money .. once you own a even one or a few THs, SFHs, apartment buildings, mobile...
  10. M

    As expected, OSFI tightens rules for non-insured mortgages

    RBC Economics Research has released their commentary on the announcement by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institution (OSFI) as part of final revisions to "Guideline B-20" on residential mortgage underwriting and procedures. To view RBC's report click on the following link...
  11. M

    Mortgage 25 or 30 years

    Hello, I just bought my first student rental property 6 months ago. I chose a 30 year mortgage because my payments were lower than with a 25 year mortgage. I've heard and read a lot of comments about how you should get a 25 year mortgage. I know I would pay less interest and more principal but...
  12. Ian A.


    Ever wonder how your mortgage rate is determined? What factors make it jump from percentage to percentage? I found an article that reveals 10 factors that affect a mortgage rate: 1. Location Depending on which province your home is located in, this will have an overall effect on your mortgage...