rent to own

  1. D

    Looking to share my profits

    Hi REIN members! My name is Danny Jeannot I am a bilingual real estate investor looking to share half of my deal with a money partner looking for a nice passive investment. I specialize in RTO (rent-to-own / lease options) deals in the Outaouais region in Quebec (Gatineau, across the Ottawa...
  2. donnacook

    Winnipeg-Canada's best kept secret

    Rent to Own Joint Venture opportunities Why Winnipeg- this is a stable market, low unemployment, diverse economy, high immigration, attractive prices compared to other markets. Manitoba is expected to be best performing province (WBTC April 17). Why Rent to Own - tenants who improve your...
  3. Sherilynn

    Access to the Replay of my Free Rent to Own Training :)

    Hey, all! Want some free training on rent to own? In case you missed the live training, here is the link to access the replay: I did the training because I've had a lot of people ask me about rent to own because their current tenants...
  4. Sherilynn

    Add creative investing strategies to your portfolio to dramatically increase your income!

    Greetings. Creative investing strategies such as agreements for sale, lease options (aka rent to own), assignments, flips, and joint ventures have been essential in building my real estate portfolio. Without them, I think I'd still be floundering with only 5 or 6 properties. Instead, I've...
  5. T

    RTO rent to own

    How to tell the good ones from the bad ones? Looking to get in to an RTO but having trouble finding a plan that would work for us Not wanting a long term agreement My understanding is some lenders are not accepting the monthly payments as down payment Want to make sure we can get get a mortgage...
  6. W

    Edmonton Agreement For Sale Assignment. 7 years! $5000

    Agreement for Sale Assignment Rutherford (Edmonton, AB) Note: With every assignment it includes FREE COACHING! You can email us as often as you like with any questions. AFS Details: Term – 7 years (July 27th 2025) Deposit – Zero Assignment Fee - $5000 Purchase Price - $260,000 approx...
  7. S

    Selling a new built-in house in London, On.

    Hi I am in a situation, I am looking for a buyer. I want to sell that asap. My time limit is until March 6th. Can anyone share what are the possible ways?
  8. T

    Rent to Own - Capital gains or Income

    Hello everyone. new at this so please bare with me. I was recently at a workshop and speaker advised that when property is sold/transferred at end of RTO contract, the monetary gains from sale of house is not capital gains but referred to as income. I always thought the latter. Can someone...
  9. Giselle_12497

    Too Busy to Find Deals? Let me Help!

    I specialize in finding cash flowing properties and distressed properties in the Lower Mainland to provide investors with a greater ROI. Rent to Own Fix and Flip Buy Rent Hold (Single and Multi-Family) If interested in joining my buyer's list, msg me and let me know what kind of properties...
  10. A

    Recommend a Lawyer to set up rent to own

    Hello I'm living in and renting properties in the Edmonton area and was looking for recommendations for a lawyer knowledgeable and experience in setting up rent to own on properties I currently own. This would be my first rent to own so anybody with any tips or recommendations with regard to any...