1. NeilBirch

    Selling Calgary property owners are currently working/living overseas

    Hi, With the downturn, we had to find jobs out of town. One of us is in Vietnam the other is in the USA. Our real estate agent does not know how to have us sign off on the listing agreement, or respond to buy offers. Obviously, we can't fly back to list the property and wait. We want to manage...
  2. T

    Cross-border (US <> Canada) accountant recommendations?

    Hi all, I am looking to invest in across the border in the US. I'll be investing in cash-only deals with money that I have in an Ontario corporation. I'm having a hard time figuring out all the intricate tax details and would love to speak with a professional accountant. Any recommendations...
  3. DanielA

    Seeking US brokers & lenders

    Hi, I'm in search of some US brokers & private lenders that I can refer good leads to. Our company receives regular inquiries from borrowers in need of financing with the impression that we are a US based company. We have a few contacts with respect to rehabs, etc, but would like to have...