1.8 M spent on two purchases, ready for next step

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More details please. How do you convert a 4-plex into an 8-plex ? Add walls and chop up an up and down 4 BR to 2 x 2 BR ?

Legally ? Or just as 4 more illegal units ? Age? Size? Rents? Furnaces? Fire separation? What city?

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Hello Thomas, yes I am more than pleased to share more details.
1. I bought a nonconforming fourplex in 2018 (legal duplex. The other two new units added in the beginning of 2000s with occupancy permits but the building was not legalized as fourplex due to its lot size).
2. I just bought the next door duplex which has an extended backyard behind my previous property. The due diligence shows I can sever the backyard, attach it to the first property. With the new lot sizes the zoning will allow a max 12 units for the first property, and 3 units for the newly purchased. For the ease of construction I am thinking only to add 4 extra units to the first property, and a third unit to the new one.
3. Both properties have great equities ($800,000 + $$300,000) but my borrowing power has been used up for the $4.5m worth purchase in the last two years.
Properties both in Ottawa and both about 100 yeas old. Last reno done 10 & 15 years ago.

Thomas Beyer

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Does the current zoning allow it? If not, can you rezone?

Be aware of new rules for new construction ie replacing old windows, furnaces, roofs or wires to old part of building plus home warranty implications.

Might not be as simple as stated.

Check with city planning department.

Financing options, assuming permitting not a problem, are basically based on current property value plus construction cost and assuming sufficient networth bank will lend up to 75% of it. Private lenders similar but more expensive at low double digit rates counting upfront fees and monthly fees until done, then refi fully leased with big bank based on income. (Assuming a rental not a condo project)

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