100% cash flow for the first 18 months-JV partner wanted

Caleb West

Multi Family Commercial|Collaborative Office|
We have 5 properties, all with good cash flow in the red deer area and were looking for partners who want to take 100% of cash flow for t.he first 18 months
If you like simple, boring and safe processes id love to help you get where you want to be. So check out these links and if you'd like to talk id love to hear from you. We are General Contractors who changed focus from 15 employees to 5 of the right ones that help us renovate, source, and develop properties in Alberta. Our focus is on getting others where they want to be first as we have always found ourselves exactly where we want to be once we do this. This means spending our own money on training, tactics and tools to earn your respect, trust and friendship while doing boring,safe investments with us.