A Property Management edition of REMA


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Hello Garth and REMA gang,
I am in an enviable position of having a property management assistant who can do the bulk of my property management for me and do it in such a way that would fit what I want done (i.e. the REIN way!).

This assistant is also helping other local REIN members and is opening up this service as an extra division of his business. So he`ll be gaining more REIN clients. REMA would be fantastic for him except for one thing.

Since the properties he`s entering are `client` properties rather than his own, he wants to keep their property information separated and secure of each other.

Would REMA consider offering a Property Manager`s version that has separate modules? I`m thinking that with the way the system is now, that making a larger, more detailed version of REMA wouldn`t be too much of a stretch?! But I ain`t no programmer!


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Hi William,
Great idea! I suggest the Property Manager could do this by entering the ownership in REMA appropriately and then they can run the reports by the `Partner/Investor` criteria. Let`s have them test this and let me know how it works.