Are you getting the right U.S. employment numbers?



Do you remember watching that western movie where the bandits come up to a rail road track and then put their ear down to the metal? Do you know why they did that? They did it because the vibration of the sound travels a lot faster than the train, so they would know it is coming long before they could see it.

What does that have to do with this story? Consider this,

The Job Creation Index in June reflects 36% of U.S. adult workers saying their employers are hiring and expanding the size of their workforces

That is very encouraging news. No one knows who is hiring or firing at their respective companies than the employees. Moreover, if you compare this story with the news from the main stream media that continues to spread uneasyness about jobs and employment in the U.S. economy, you have to ask yourself ` which story will you believe?

If you are like the clever bandit, you will think ahead of the game and go with the statistics that are straight from the source ` the employees.

Here is one example of why this is actually an important index to follow,

Regionally, net hiring is strongest in the Midwest (at +24), as it was for most of the prior 13 months, from May 2011 through May 2012. The South is close behind at +22, followed by the East and the West. From January 2008 through April 2011, the South generally led in net hiring

See how from January 2008 ` April 2011 the South led hiring? Now have you seen how quickly the home prices have recovered in the region and also how quickly rents are moving up? It is not coincidence.

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Thanks David

Very interesting perspective, and based on information from a reputable source.