Are You My Partner In Crime?


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Thanks for checking out my post. I have discontinued my REIN membership so no need to respond.

Hello! Don's always tells us how important subject lines are in attracting readers so I thought I'd try it out here :p

I am a relatively new investor interested in either wholesaling or purchasing BRH properties in the US. I'd really appreciate some hand-holding for my first few deals from a mentor with a HUGE heart and is someone of integrity who is willing to help a newbie for a portion of the profits (I'm afraid I'm not able to pay you up-front so you're probably someone with a really HUGE heart). I am teachable and open-minded and super intelligent although you wouldn't be able to tell from my high school physics final grade. I believe in generosity, sharing the wealth, and paying it forward so if you have the same honourable code of conduct, please respond to this post and let me know how I may contact you. I look forward to meeting you and proving to you that your time and efforts will be worth it!



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I don't wholesale in the US, so I can't help you. But may I suggest that you edit your post to Bold the part about "portion of the profits?" As I started reading your post my first thought was that you were another new investor who wanted free mentoring, and since very few investors have enough time available to give it away, I thought you would lose everyone by this point. However, it may be of interest to someone to consult for a share of the profits, and if they miss that critical item in your post, you may not find someone.


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For even more responses, you can now also minimize "someone with a really HUGE heart".

Joking, Good luck!