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Become a Real Estate Investor and Still Keep Your Freedom
“Over 90% of all Millionaires have become so through owning Real Estate” Andrew Carnegie

Dear Potential Investor,

We Do All of the Work

Become a Real Estate Investor by doing none of the work! Make safe, secure, predictable, and consistent returns on your hard earned money…hassle free! It’s a simple process. We discuss investing strategies to meet your goals. Your investment is secured on title of a revenue property. My team and I handle all of the day to day details including finding the properties, having them professionally managed, all of the maintenance and repairs, bookkeeping, record keeping, insurance, marketing, and all of the other numerous details of owning investment property, so you can relax and watch your net worth grow. When you invest with us, we buy properties to meet your criteria and your approval…. no hassles, no wasted time.

Only When You Make Money, Do We Make Money

Your investment is set up so that we are fully accountable. We only make money, we you make money. We also take the same risk. For example, if it is a 50/50 share in the positive cash flow then it is a 50/50 share in the negative cash flow. Unlike your mutual fund salesman who makes money whether you do or not. We are in this together. So believe me when I say we are very serious in making you a lot of money. We do our due diligence on every area and every property that we invest in. We even have systems in place that will tell us when a furnace filter needs to be changed in a property. This is a full time business based on long term Win/Win relationships and we want our investors to make as much money as possible.

Four Main Ways
to Profit

There are four main ways you can profit from holding real estate:

1. Property Appreciation (the best way in Alberta currently) – When the average values in Edmonton go up 10%, you can have a 40% return on your investment (ROI) because of Leverage
. When you purchase a home, you usually only have to put down 25% while the bank puts in 75%; meanwhile you receive 100% of the profit! You quadruple the power of your returns! Last year the average increase in Edmonton was 52% which is then a ROI of 208%.

2. Cash Flow – When the rent covers all of the property expenses, any cash remaining is your profit every month.

3. Mortgage Paydown – While the property is rented out, the tenants pay down the mortgage which in turn increases your equity every month.

4. Capital Gains – When you hold on to the property and rent it out, you only pay tax on 50% of the profit when you sell the property.

You Have Complete Control-/sizec--> Throughout the entire process you have complete control over your investment. All major decisions are discussed with you; as well you receive quarterly reports to update you on how the property is performing. The investment is tangible. You can touch it, you can drive by it. It has an address, it includes land, it has a foundation … its even insured; and you are secured on the Title.
Safe, Secure, Predictable, Consistent

Key market fundamentals are great indicators of the strength of the Real Estate Market and where it is headed. Fundamentals take the emotions and hype out of investing so decisions are based on facts and numbers. The Alberta Economy is on fire and the fundamentals support the statement “Alberta’s Real Estate is still going to be a top place in the world to invest for years to come”. Fundamentals like the $170 Billion in Major Projects slated to start in the Province in the next few years. The fact Seven Upgraders to be built North East of Edmonton by 2012 will produce over 23,000 full-time jobs. The Alberta Fundamentals show why this province is the best place to invest – see our website to learn more about them.

It’s a Business and it’s Numbers – No Emotions, No Hype

By having a thorough system in place; emotions are removed, key economic fundamentals are studied, thorough business practices are used, and consistent results are produced. It’s a business, and its numbers, no emotions, no hype.

“Learn the fundamentals of the game and stick to them…quick band-aid remedies never last.” Jack Nicklaus

We Are Your Real Estate Investment Solution

Call us today (780) 719-6888 to set up a consultation or to ask us any questions you may have and email us for your Free Copy
of our detailed research report on the Alberta Fundamentals “The

Thank you for your time.