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Average Rents


Sep 18, 2007
I am about to purchase another property. This property is in a rural area, an area in which CMHC does not publish average rents for. This forces me to search craigslist, kijiji, the newspapers and so on, in order to find out how much i can rent this house for. As far as real estate investing goes, this is one of the things i dislike the most. It can be time consuming and frustrating depending on where you are buying.

Since REMA already has the address, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, rental income and other features about the house it would seem like a natural progression to publish this info. Could you put togather a database that i can filter to find the average rents REMA users are getting for their properties in my region. You may have to remove the unit number and house number for privacy concerns but the street, city and province coupled with the rents would be more that adequate.

I beleive that this would add an even greater added value to your product.


REIN Member
Aug 30, 2007
Check out this post on the subject "Suggestion - Reporting Market Rents".

We had quite a lot of discussion on this general subject a while back, and as you read it you will see the challenges are very large. It would take a concentrated effort by many to make it happen.

Please post your additional thoughts in that thread so we can keep all the ideas in one place and make it easier to track. You may want to also post your original post there also for continuity.

Thanks for your creative thinking - this is how we`ll continue to build REMA for REIN Memnbers everywhere!
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