Busy Realtor Needs an Executive Assistant


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I am a successful, professional, award winning investor who, has a good sense of humor and isn`t too full of himself, and has recently become a licensed realtor in order to assist other investors and home owners with their real estate and investment needs.

I am looking for a fully experienced Executive Assistant to assist me in my office in an administrative role.
(Licensed or Unlicensed)

The Role of an Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant is a professional position filled by self-starters who take responsibility for a wide range of complex administrative and operational tasks.​ They provide support to the realtor and his clients and also interact with a long list of other service providers on a daily basis. This position requires strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills and the application of effective problem solving, prioritizing and time management skills to work in a fast paced office environment. The candidate needs to be well spoken and well written.

" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; line-height: 115%;">There are four very important qualifications that must be met for this position to be filled.

The First Qualification - Is all about attitude
: The candidate needs to have the right attitude most of all. By this I mean they need to be optimistic, motivated, pro-active and service orientated. They also need to have an understanding of their own personal core values and the discipline to live by them to a large degree. The need for honesty is a given.

The Second Qualification ` Is all about experience
: The candidate I`m looking for needs to be a high achiever with a fairly long history as an administrative professional. You will be accustom to, and be comfortable with, dealing with other professionals such as business owners, lawyers, bankers, management companies, and other people in executive positions. You will also have strong knowledge of general business operation basics such as bookkeeping, marketing, negotiation, communication, electronic devices, office equipment, and be current with the use of basic modern technologies and quick to learn other applications, etc.

The Third Qualification ` Is all about personality type
: This position needs a person who has a high attention to detail and must love having things organized to a `T`. There is a lot of `paper` is the real estate business and somebody needs to keep track of all the details. They must have a natural tendency to be very deliberate, specific, analytical, and methodical and are typically interested in a lot of detail. Their friends or people who know them well would probably describe the candidate as a `Perfectionist`. The candidate will also enjoy, and be good at, dealing with people, known and unknown, in person and on the phone.

The Fourth Qualification ` Is all about having fun: To put it bluntly ` People who are too serious or full of themselves are a drag to be around for long. I like to work hard in order to be successful and to get the desired task accomplished in an efficient and effective manner but I also like to have a little fun while I do it. Work takes up a lot of my time and I find it`s more pleasurable if I enjoy the people I interact with on a daily basis. A sense of humor is definitely required.

Responsibilities to Include But Not Limited To

 Create, organize and maintain paper and electronic file management systems

 Submit requests for documentation from a wide variety of sources and follow up for their delivery

 Review and summarize information received or submitted to the realtor and follow up on deadlines and commitments to or from other sources or offices

 Arrange meetings, schedules, interviews, travel itineraries and arrangements for the realtor (professional and personal)

 Receiving, filtering, and directing phone calls, emails and other forms of correspondence for the realtor

 Manage the daily calendar of the realtor to maximize his efficiency and effectiveness

 Compose a variety of correspondence, reports, and legal documents often of a confidential nature

 Update weekly, monthly, and quarterly meeting minutes for management review and follow up

 Assist in the maintenance and tracking of the monthly budget and assist the bookkeeper and accountant with all receipts, statements, and documentation

 Manage special projects as required such as booking banquet rooms at hotels and conference halls, accepting and processing registrations, and overseeing logistics when the realtor is hosting seminars or public talks

mily: 'arial','sans-serif'; text-decoration: underline; mso-fareast-font-family: 'times new roman';">Requirements:

 Minimum 3-5 years experience providing support at the executive level

 Strong organizational and multitasking skills

 Advanced skills in Outlook, Word and Excel

 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

 High degree of professionalism

 Proven ability to operate under pressure

 Energetic and positive attitude ','sans-serif'; mso-fareast-font-family: 'times new roman';">
 Strong team player

 Confident and productive when working alone

 Reliable transportation and a valid Driver`s License

Please submit your Resume and Cover Letter to

In your Cover Letter please answer the following questions

1. Do you have at least 3 years of administrative support at an executive level?

2. How many people did you support in the executive team?
3. Do you have experience with managing schedules of other people?

4. Do you have professional experience with booking travel arrangements (tickets, car rentals and accommodation) within and outside of Canadian borders?

5. How would you rate your skills with the use of Outlook? (Beginner, intermediate, advanced or Pro)

6. How would you rate your skills with the use of Excel? (Beginner, intermediate, advanced or Pro)

7. Describe a work related situation that shows your effective problem solving skills?

8. Describe a work related situation that took you well out of your personal comfort zone and how you managed to deal with it

9. How much you are willing to travel within the city or province if required?

Please include your name, email address and phone number with your submission.

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Thank-you for your interest, we will contact you within 72 hours of receiving your cover letter.

Please Note
: If the job posting is still public the position has not filled.