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Calgary Live Event March 28, 2024

Tina Myrvang

Client Care Lead
Staff member
REIN Member
Nov 15, 2010

Hi ,
Your Exclusive Invitation to Calgary's Must-Attend Real Estate Events - Strictly No Walk-Ins. Pre-Registration Required.
Get Ready for a Game-Changer:

As we delve into an evening filled with insights and opportunities, there's one segment you'll want to prepare for—a revelation so impactful, we've visualized it to ensure the message hits home. This isn't just any update; it's the kind of news that could pivot your investment strategy entirely.

Alberta Real Estate is Heating Up!
Join us for a not-to-be-missed evening in Calgary, where insights, networking, and real estate wisdom converge.

SAVE YOUR SEAT: https://rein.remi360online.com/calgary-live
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