Can a lack of identity affect your real estate investment?


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I just read a very interesting article about the fine line when a town grows and morphs into a city and some of the factors that make a town ` a town.

In a nutshell, how do you think the identity crisis can spill out and affect your real estate investment?

On a high level, if people do not do much research, they will assume cities are better to live in and have more jobs, which would affect the population of the `town` negatively causing less people to move there and hence creating a smaller rental market. It may even affect which companies are attracted to your city or town so it can affect the local economy too.

Beyond these 2 very high level things that could affect a city or town, here are some more localized factors that can help you distinguish if your are living in a town that is really a city, or a town that is actually a town.

Your thoughts?

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