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I have some money inside RRSP and TFSA, wondering if you know any Canadian ETFs that create around 5-7% return

Thomas Beyer

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Many dividend paying ETFs:

Personally I prefer REITs. Most do 4-8%, depending on asset class. If they trade over $10 you can buy them on margin, for enhanced returns but of course, higher volatility/risk.

MICs are a decent investment too unless you aim for double digit returns which implies development loans and second mortgages ie far higher risk. Many MICs decent in the 5-7% range.

try a REIT ETF. The top 3 are: XRE or ZRE or VRE (see here
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If you a real estate investor non REIT, diverse ETF's might help you sleep easier at night.
Diversification can provide comfort in tough times.


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I have some in RIOCAN in the last 5 years, they paid dividend but commercial RE has not performed very well so it did not generate the return that I hope. For what I have read Vanguard seem performed well but they are too expensive. Agree with housingrental, I stay out of REIT