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Cottage In Tobermory

Josh Cheema

New Forum Member
Aug 3, 2022
Hello REIN Professionals:

We bought an amazing cottage on tip of Bruce Peninsula (link below). It has done Airbnb rental so far this summer and now the property management company is asking us to get it winter-ready. The property is on tip of Bruce Peninsula with 165 ft of clear lake waters and unobstructed sunset views. I am looking for advice on below:

i. Is it worth renting this property in winter? Lots of property management predictors like AirDna show good returns. Is it trustable?
ii. Can you recommend a construction/renovation company that specializes in fixing the footings of a cottage, and insulation (floors/crawl through space/flooring/walls/water pipes)?

You can call me directly at 416 565 2217
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