Downtown Kelowna - VIP Offering (Pre-Sale)

Amy Leong

Top selling Vancouver Realtor and Strata Expert
REIN Member
Hi REIN Members,

REIN's top rated cities to invest - Downtown Kelowna! We are lucky enough to be offered VIP presale access due to our relationship with the reputable and established Developer, Mission Group. We wanted to extend this offering to our REIN community as we sold many suites in the last launch and they sold out very quickly. The price points are FANTASTIC and location is very sought after (walk score is over 95!). If you are interested in capitalizing on the rapidly growing hotspot Kelowna has become for all ages, this is definitely the location and opportunity for you. We will have first pick of all the best floor plans and units in the building prior to public and other realtor launches.

If you would like any additional information and may be interested please let us know so you are first to have the marketing and sales package with all info.

- Sean Fox & Amy Leong
604 803 8204 & 778 871 1000


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