Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - U.S. Gold Gone


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Here's a good interview of Dr Paul Craig Roberts:

Interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog


"Gold price will go through the roof"

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the Father of Reaganomics, predicts, "I think,
this year, you are going to see a further downturn in the economy. The
signs are not only that we do not have a recovery, but it's going to get
worse. . . . Christmas sales were very negative. There's no growth in
people's income and no jobs. So, if the economy goes down further, what
does that mean? It means the deficit widens. It means they have a
greater debt ceiling lift. They have to have a bigger debt ceiling
increase, and all of this will alarm the world. They'll say, good
heavens, they already had a trillion dollar deficit. Now it's gone up,
and the Fed can't stop the quantitative easing without the stock and
bond market collapsing. The banks' solvency will become an issue. So,
the world is watching a bigger deficit, more printing of money, and they
are likely to start dumping dollars. When they do that, they'll say
'gold, I want gold.' There's not much supply to meet demand, and the
price has to escalate. So, I wouldn't be surprised if that shows up
this year." Dr. Roberts also contends that America's gold is "mainly

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One
with economist and former Assistant Treasury Secretary, Dr. Paul Craig