Duct Cleaning - Necessary Or Waste Of Money?


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One of my condo townhouse tenants brought up the idea of duct cleaning. Is this expense necessary or a waste of money? I've never had any of my properties, including my own home, go through duct cleaning since I haven't seen evidence out there to warrant it yet.

What do you think?


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You sort of answered your own question.

In my opinion it is a waste of money unless you have a 100 year old home with oil heat or you have been doing extensive reno work with the furnace running. Even then I would not bother unless it was my personal home.

However I would tell the tenant they can have it done if they are willing to pay but make sure you are there when it is done as sometimes the cleaning will require cutting access holes in walls or ceilings.


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I'd get it done after any major renovation

I wouldn't get it done on an ongoing / scheduled basis


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I do it once when I buy a place. I have regular cleanings done on the furnace. Whenever groupon has them on for $50 is get a handful and have it done. Best time to clean a furnace is BEFORE it gets turned on the first time in the fall.


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Everyone has an opinion and there are many reasons to do it. If you have ever had the pleasure of looking into a dirty duct, I challenge you to stick your hand in and wipe it clean. Don't use a rag, just your hand. If you can't do it because its' "too Gross" then maybe a cleaning is in order. This also improves airflow efficiency, and the life of the furnace (moving components), if it's quite dirty. To add, this is the lungs of your house, so as it gets dirty it will re-enter your house as it passes your filter. There is a whole topic on the efficiency of filters.

There are two cleaning methods and one is useless, the other uses a huge suction system ( in a large truck) with cleanouts and a scrub brush to ream out the ducts. The other is a ding dong showing up with a vacuum. One way to increase the duration between duct cleaning is to clean the returns once in awhile.

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It is important on scheduled basis you find a good commercial cleaner and they make easy for you to clean duct but its important