Has anyone considered Mississauga as a worthwhile city to invest in?

Lily Ho

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I bring this up as someone who is very familiar with the city and its suburban roots. That being said, the Metrolinx LRT project as well as the intensification around the city center does perk up my ears as to what is possible in the coming years.

There is a "downtown" master plan along with extensive condo developments listed around the Square One mall. Oxford Properties proposes "37 new towers" in the immediate area.

I also ponder how much density and zoning may change over the years along Hurontario as the LRT will be running all the way to Brampton.

Curious for people's thoughts on all of the above.

Lily Ho

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Yes it’s a good place but you need to dig deeper into specifics, ie asset type, micro location, asset condition AND price. $500,000 might be a good price for a certain condo or TH or it might be 50-85,000 too much.

More here in the first post of “How to get started” https://myreinspace.com/threads/educational-rein-posts-by-thomas-beyer.10663/

Hi Thomas,

My question was focused on checking whether my "spidey sense" was picking up on the right hints primarily, so thanks for confirming that. I'm not as yet sure where I will point my investment plan as I still have plenty of learning to do on pretty much every subject you've linked me to.

On the subject of condos my partner and I both feel a bit on the averse side for a few reasons with the largest being their price volatility. We both visualize a start to be in the SFH sector with future plans to be able to turn those into several units.

That's one particular reason I have been paying attention to Mississauga as the Hurontario corridor and its immediate surroundings seem best suited for mixed use intensification.

Thomas Beyer

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Yes SFH with suite potential ALWAYS preferred over a condo. Land goes up in value not the deteriorating structure on it.

That’s why I like multi-family buildings and mobile home parks and have done well there, but of course you need 20-35% cash down so more cash than an old TH or SF home.

Look for area improvements say a new train, a new highway exit, new mall being built etc



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Have you decided to proceed with your investment in Mississauga? I was just thinking about it too. I am looking for a place to invest in and it is one of my top options. I know people who live there who shared some great stories about the city, which got me interested in this property from Mississauga. It's also near Hurontario and I definitely see an increase in density in the area over the following years, which makes investing in it worth it. It will be available in 2023 so I still have a lot of time to weigh my options. I would love to hear from you.