HIRING - Hoffaco Property Management in Waterloo is HIRING - Looking to work for, or do contract work, for a Property Management company in Waterloo?


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Hoffaco Property Management need's more people to do work!

Will pay $$'s

Looking for:

Full time (1) and Part time (many) to assist in PM company operations - MUST be willing to take on and learn all types of work as need requires including but not limited to - rental viewings, writing advertisements, lease and other form preparation, data entry, providing entry, dropping off items, picking up items, project management, + more

Past PM? No experience but an interest in PM work?

Other service providers (mortgage broker? handyman?) who'd like to do occasional contract work for certain PM related job tasks for a fee?

You need to:

Have a car

Clean criminal check

Be flexible in potential working hour's, day's, volume, type of work

Be willing to learn a wide variety of job tasks

Have a positive, customer service focused attitude

To apply:

Please send an email or message through Hoffaco's website that includes WITHIN the text of the message the following:

Cover letter


Wage expectations

Looking to be an employee or contractor (must have WSIB and insurance coverage)

Potential availability, ideal availability