How do I get home loan having bad credit score?


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Hi Nikola!

Depending on how much you have down payment, will depend on your overall cost of buying a home with poor credit.

Typically, if you have less than 20% down, to get best rates - you need 600 plus score, no outstanding collections, and good reasoning for any delinquencies.

If you have a score that's not there, you can get the next tier pricing with 20% down.

Alternatively, there's always private financing!

If you want to discuss your credit / situation I am always happy to see how I can help! I am a licensed mortgage agent. Katherine McIntyre

PS: Most of the time people think they have bad credit, but honestly utilization is a huge component now! If you pay your credit cards down to 50% of their limit, it only takes 1-2 months for your score to jump as Long as you don't have outstanding collections.