How to watch or listen to content at 2x speed


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I enjoy listening to podcasts and Youtube at 1.75 times or 2 times normal speed. How can I watch or listen to your content in this manner?
I tried to change the settings on the National REIN Member Meeting Webinar (VIDEO) and it only allowed me to change the quality of the video.
I am sure that members would find this feature useful and more time efficient. I consider it essential and would appreciate you adding it or educating me on how to "work around it". Many thanks, John

Tina Myrvang

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All the content will be updated on the site with your request to change the replay speed. We are updating the setting on all the previous content and will make sure those setting are in place for all future downloads.

Thank you for you input and feedback.


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Big Thanks to Nick Banks who has already made changes. Here is a CC of what he sent me in email. Follow the first link to see where you can make the setting change for yourself.

Hi John - just wanted to update you.
We have done some digging and we have found a way to embed a setting in the Vimeo video playback that will allow you to adjust the playback speed.
All video going forward will have this setting and we will have the team working to go back and adjust the code on past recordings.
You can see the change in this video:
Thanks for following-up with us on this
Let me know if you have any other questions.
Enjoy your weekend.