I need help


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I have a new website created at www.hoffaco.com

The last two times I changed the Hoffaco website I received great input from the REIN forums.
I have incorporated your suggestions into this new site.
I value your input again.

There are still items being worked on that should be working better soon including: map feature consistently loading in property listings, owner login section that provides income/expense information, online rental application and payments for tenants, additional properties and blog posts added, colour and content edits, For the purpose of this post please ignore those items.

Please let me know what you think the site does well and poorly and what is missing that you would like to see.
I appreciate all perspectives.
I will take action based on your suggestions and thank everyone for their time!


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Hi Adam. Since I don't know you or what you do, and did not see your prior websites I can give you my honest first impression of what I think. Very nice layout, love the scrolling properties on the right. From the first page I can tell in 30 seconds or less exactly what it is that you do. The home rental place allowing a sort between bedrooms and price incorporated with the map is also very good. The property owners page is also very well done. You may want to consider a renter resource page to draw renters to the site, like links to help renters get settled, connect utilities, city services, etc. or student resources as you seem to do a lot of student rentals. The only other thing, and what I have seen on many rein member sites is I have no idea who the site belongs to, an about me bio of some sorts showcasing background and credentials. Other than that a very well put together site.


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Thank you Cory!
I will take your suggestion and add additional sections to the website.

Other message board readers - please provide your thoughts!


Hi Adam

I had been on your previous website a few times, and just saw the updated one now. The site looks great, I like all the info you provide right there on the home page, for renters and also property owners. Having all your contact info easily accessible is also an excellent feature and the menus provide easy access to all the components of the site. Also it looks good on mobile which is a bonus. I would suggest maybe a section with reviews from previous client and renters, and a feedback form to support that. Someone else's positive testimonial is always good credibility.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work


P.S. I may be in touch soon as I aim to invest in KWC area


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Hi Adam

As requested a critique;

I like the crisp look and visuals, simplicity of colour pallet, (a little more grey on your cards (and other stationery) will add to the brand carry over) lots of 'white space' helps conveys efficiency/effective/professional image

the landing/home page has too much text, I personally don't like scrolling too much except for pages like the available properties where it is expected and necessary, therefore also be careful about page placement so that first things are first and not missed if not scrolled for,

use more bullet points under headings, fewer complete sentences on home/landing page

break some of full text onto other pages, for example I deliberately scanned and did not read in depth, so not clear if you're USP is

  • you have conventional 'FAMILY' rentals as well

so the two distinct offerings should be REALLY EVIDENT - as a family renter my first question would be 'are they away from the student ghettos', suggest clear differentiating section on that first page, and using tabs subtly making that separation visual too

use 'pull down' menu's under your tabs to help direct people to various services or reveal capabilities

similarly, some indication you do

  • consulting to landlords having problems

- separate menu/page, at this point even if all direct you to the same page, some case studies might help expand section if you want a few more pages

you must be working on the site as I do this - went back to check on something and 'top bar' tabs changed to 'menu' in upper right - I prefer tabs but that maybe very very subjective.

This is very subjective - it is easy to be a critic and hard to 'do', (and possibly expensive if hired out) so take it these comments with a grain of salt Adam.

Good luck - Brad



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Hi Adam,

I have to agree with Brad that there are too much texts on the main page. Have you try main header for each service with few bullet points?

I really like the detail descriptions of each rental unit and the walk-inside feature.


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Thanks Brad and everyone else for the feedback.
I appreciate you taking the time for thoughtful critique.
I will work on all of them for the next update.