insurance for more than three students in rental suite

Nancy K

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Does anyone have experience with insurance companies being difficult with numbers of tenants within a space? I rent out my basement to students and this year as I got many enquiries from groups of four, I thought I'd rent it to four students. It only has two bedrooms, but there is room enough in each bedroom for two beds and the square footage is over a thousand square feet. My current insurance company is refusing to cover the situation and I've made enquiries to two others and they also do not cover more than three students in the suite. Does anyone know what my options are with getting the proper insurance? Also, does it nullify the entire insurance policy if I do rent it to the four students and something happens even if it were unrelated to the basement suite? Say a flood?

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I would watch that, if the insurance company says they won't insure that, if you have 4 students in your unit knowing this. You may be in a fight for any claim. I find insurance companies like to not pay by they find any way not to. I have had claims in the past and they were perfectly with in the insurance policy and it still took months to complete to my satisfaction. I would not play with this situation , too risky I think