Investing in Hanna


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Does anyone invest in Hanna or know anyone who does invest in Hanna.

I have a property that the guy just wants to get out of because he is tired of renters.

I am interested in wholesaling this property. There will be a finders fee of $500 if a referral results in a sale.



Dan Golby

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I would be tempted to bet $500 that it is rented to a powerline crew right now? That area is where I grew up:)

Dan Golby

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6% population decrease from 2006-2011 according to Wikipedia......yep that sounds like home

Thomas Beyer

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[quote user=DanGolby]6% population decrease .. a very small town (like Hanna) with population decrease is usually not a good place to invest and less you have a profitable and sustainable niche bought at a ridiculously low price with awesome cash-flow owned free and clear after a few years of mortgage payments.


Trevis McConaghy, REIA
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I found two golden nuggets near Hanna this summer- namely two great used modular homes.

One home was being sold by a family that had built a big new home. They had the large new Atco? powerline come across their property and got a huge windfall (and likely the reason for the new home). Hence the reason I closed a great home which I moved 650 k to NE Saskatchewan.

The second home was in Finnegan, Alberta, which is maybe 50miles south of Hanna. It was in such a 'remote' location in Alberta that simply noone wanted to drive there. Hence, I got another fantastic deal.

When I move these homes, it doesnt really matter where they are but moreso that I know the move costs and have a great team in place to deal with the logistics.

So yes I invested around Hanna, and pulled both homes to 'The Land of Living Skies' in Saskatchewan!