Is condos too expensive to live in?


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Sep 8, 2019
Hey guys,
Here is the thing, I've been looking at houses for a while in my area, but all have failed to catch my attention. But one that didn't fail to catch my attention is newly built condos. Upon research, they are less expensive, have wonderful large windows (a special feature that caught my attention as a lot of the old homes in my area have little mouse windows), the floorplan layouts are awesome, that I can tell from the pictures! I care about the maintenance of a place, so wondering how much would be the maintenance cost of the condo. Is condo living so bad that I can hear my neighbors eat, breath, and watch TV, all through day and night? These are just some stuff that I heard! Is it true? I am looking forward to buying a new condo in North York. I'm speaking of real condos, not apartments being re-sold as "condos". I don't want to be bothered by neighbors or other kinds of stuff. Is condo living much expensive? Will they become a burden on us? Any thoughts or experience is appreciated. Thank you.


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Oct 27, 2009
Maintenance of $0.6 to $0.8 per month per sq ft depending on amenities

Personally don’t like high floors because it takes too long to go up/down. Especially when a dozen ppl press buttons in-between during rush hours. Floors 5-9 perfect for me. Stairwell also an option if I need it, but not so much if on floor 28

Large unobstructed windows are a personal choice. Views vs higher heating/cooling bills. If large east/west facing windows get high quality blinds. Especially for crazy sunny days. Condo can heat up like an oven in the summer

Can’t hear my neighbours but depends on quality of builder/materials. Noise generally comes from being near street lights - stop and go traffic generates more noise compared to smooth traffic with no lights/stopping. Especially in Toronto where insecure drivers rev their engines and floor it during/after a stop light. After midnight
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Jun 5, 2009
... I don't want to be bothered by neighbors or other kinds of stuff. .....
Your expectations are not realistic as you will be living in a building surrounded by people/pets/guest/etc. If you want peace and quite then look at condos that target elderly people or retirement places. Yet, you might have to knock on your neighbor;s door once in while to see if he is still alive.

Get a house with big acreage lot.

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By the way, is it possible to take Toronto airport car rental when moving to Ontario from Calgary? I'm going on next weekend.
Yes but there is usually a huge one way drop fee. Check around. Some firms may have none.

Expedia shows it from $320 for two days next week.

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