Know Your Zip Codes! You Can Find Diamonds in the Rough.


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You never know when you will stumble across that `aha` moment, or that quote or song that just fits a particular moment and provides clarity.

What I would like to draw attention to in this post is an article from Zillow that shows some encouraging charts about the United States real estate market as a whole rising ever so slightly. As well as, showing which cities are undergoing large increases OR still enduring high single digit decreases in home prices on a year over year basis.

To make a long story short, it looks like we are going to see almost every major metro plateau in price by the middle of 2013, at which point we should start to see a slower but more sustainable upward march in prices across the country.

But do you remember our last post when we said that all real estate is local? Well the final quote of this article was that `aha` moment, and it is something we have seen dealing with great professionals in the United States and many clients in Canada,

The recovery in most areas will be a hyper-local process, where individual ZIP codes will start to recover before the metro area as a whole. This is already the case in the metro areas of Detroit and San Francisco.

See the importance of doing research? Those areas haven't bottomed but there are diamonds to be found.

Read the article here!