Looking for property wholesalers in the Edmonton area...



Does anybody know any good property wholesalers in the Edmonton area? Thx.

Thomas Beyer

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Unclear what your definition of a wholesaler is. To me it is someone that buys in bulk, usually fast and in cash, and then turns around and resells it for a slight lift. Those exist mainly in the US, and then mainly in TV infomercials.

Why you may ask?

Wholesalers buy new product in bulk or foreclosures.

Since Canadian courts routinely grant a six month extension on mortgages after a 3 month bank grace period any home owner has a minimum 9 month window to try to sell his home via the normal process ie listing with a competent realtor. Only after about 9 month will there be a forced judicial sale, so 12-15 month from being behind on a mortgage to forced sales of take over by a bank, which then too starts selling it, usually via a realtor.

What are you trying to accomplish actually?


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Hey Thomas,

I know a investor who bought a home in the Wellington area last year thru a wholesaler. He got a good deal. It's not common place by any means, but they are out there.

Looking for bungalows to suite.

Michel Lafleur

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Hi. Im an investor focused Realtor working in Edmonton & area.
I work with a number of wholesalers, some of whom do turn up good deals every now & again.
Many of the locals who call themselves wholesales essentially couldnt negotiate enough of a deal for them to buy, so they try to pass the deal onto someone else, basically at market rate minus Realtor fees, but plus a wholesaler fee.
Looking fora bungalow to suite - do you want a full gut & redo (as cheap as possible), or would you be open to a something that has a decent main floor, and only the basement is gut & redo to make your suite?
What area of the city do you invest in?