Making Calculations into the Future Variable


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How doable and possible would it be to adjust the projecting ability of REMA to being a `User-defined` time period?

Right now, there is the ability to project number beyond the present year to 5 years into the future. It`s been my experience that 5 years is a common number used in any kind of projections but in working with some creative investors like Todd Wyatt, sometimes deals can really vary. For example there could be an 18 month flip or perhaps someone would like to do a buy & hold for 8 years.

Also perhaps some investing vets who are just starting to integrate REMA into their lives, may have already owned some properties for longer than 5 years! So I`d imagine not only would I want to plug in the original numbers from 5 years ago but I`d also want to project the future cashflows and equity gains of the property another 5 year into the future, but right now we are limited to a 5 year window.

I`d like to see the ability for use as Users to choose how long or short we`d like to extend our projections to.

I`ve heard many people say the same thing about creating their Personal Belize. They say, I don`t think I`ll be able to achieve what I ultimately want in 5 years, so I`m going to do my Belize 8 years or 10 years or 15 years...etc. into the future.

Would it be possible to have the same flexibility with this feature?