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I have an opportunity to buy a property in Montana. It is two duplex for about 330,000 adjacent to a golf course. The local economy is on the upswing. Close to a ski hill and lake. The rents are 750 - 1000 per unit. They have new metal roof but probably some work to upgrade on the inside. I haven't seen them yet, just from the outside. They are soon to be listed. Seems that they should cash flow really well even with property management, repairs and maintenance and other expenses. I'm really new at the process, does anyone have experience in investing in the USA especially Northern Montana?

Forever greatful, John


John you are correct in your estimations that this deal should cash flow, with a purchase price of $330,000 and income of $3,000 - $4,000 per month, the numbers would work.
US Property Shop is not in the Montana market, our areas of expertrise are in Florida, Texas and Arizona.
If you are in this market place, then I would recommend that you fly down to meet with local experts and align yourself with key people.

When looking in a market like Montana are you buying this property because it's distressed (low price) or are you buying based on fundaments? Determine if mortgage
finance is available, if so, at what rate and amortization?
The key on a passive property is to align yourself with the right property management company.