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As part of giving back we are thinking of holding a free seminar for those who are interested in taking their invesment up to multi family.

My name is Domenic Mandato, President & Founder for InvestPlus Properties Canada Ltd. and I`ve been a REIN member for 5 years. Our main investment focus is buying multi family apartments and have been doing so since 2003. Since then, we have purchased over 80 rental units and our goal is to hit 1000 units by 2012. Please go to my "about me" page for more details.

In this seminar we will show you:

- What you should know and look for before you invest THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS
- How to analyze a multifamily apartment building
- How to make sure you have impeccable management
- What your due diligence checklist should look like
- Where and what we are buying

Please send me a personal message if you would like to learn more or book your seat for the next seminar. Based on the response, we will communicate back to everyone the next date, place and time.

Thanks everyone.


Domenic Mandato

InvestPlus Properties Canada Ltd.
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